Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes you just need to make your own title!

I was searching through my stash for the right font for this layout. I searched through thickers, and stickers, and rubons, and stamps... and nothing felt right. I wanted something simple and soft and a little romantic. We got a piece of velvet paper in the kit... and I decided to just make my own title with it instead. I got a piece of scratch paper and outlined the curve of the die-cut that I wanted to follow. Then I wrote out the title and started outlining the letters until they looked the right size. At this point, I'll cut it out with scissors, ignoring the inside cuts... the inside of the K and E, leave those intact. Then I it flip it upside-down on the back of my velvet paper and outline it in pencil. Once it's outlined, I redraw the inside portions by hand. Starting with those inside portions, use a craft knife and craft mat to cut them out. Then I take my really pointy, little scissors and carefully cut out the outsides. It takes a little extra care, but it's easier, faster, and more accurate for me than using a craft knife for the entire process. Flip it over and you have a custom title all you own! :)

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