Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gardens @Getty Museum by Esther

I was so excited to see the new Basic Grey paper with bright cheery colors. This suits my scrapping style. This two-page layout shows outside views at Getty Museum. I started on a solid cardstock and built layers adding Sticles doodling. Transparency journaling was done on MS Publisher & printed on an HP. Journaling along five 2"x3" views: blue skies-colorful flowers-mountains-fountains-greenery-stone-steel-sun! Also, Views of Los Angeles (fog in the AM & sun in the PM.)", the title, "The Gardens @." & journaling under my photo: "Thomas & Esther visited the gardens outside the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The museum was a great visit. This was our first visit to the new location. Outside the garden areas were well-planned & beautifully appointed. We saw fountains and terraced areas. Colorful flowers were cascading from a basket sculpture of steel. The architecture was a magnificent blend with the landscape in the mountainous area of west L.A. Esther posed for a photo in the round fountain section on that windy, but sunny day in 2006." Under the vertical photo on right: "Vines intertwined the posts in the walkway."
I hope you have enjoyed this too! Let me hear your comments on the visit to Getty?
TIP: When planning to print on a transparency for a layout, plan ahead by working up & printing on a sheet to size to the space. Then, print the transparency on rough side. Let dry thoroughly. Cut to size & shape. The challenge is to adhere - maybe stickers or under cardstock, as done here.

All About Kim

About me…

1. What is your favorite scrapbook item? I would have to say paper is my favorite by far.

2. What type of designer are you (traditional, vintage, funky)? I never really thought I had a style but I have been told I am eclectic

3. What is your favorite thing to make? My favorite thing to make is on page layouts and mini books

4. Your biggest challenge in scrapbooking (one page LO, projects, 2 page LO)? I don’t do 2 page LO’s, in fact the only 2 page LO’s I have are the ones that I designed for the Design Team last year. My brain just doesn’t think like that.

5. If you wrote a book about scrapbooking what would the title be? Live the Life you Create…

6. What is your favorite color? I love all colors but really like turquoise and orange.

7. What type of snack do you eat when you scrapbook? Typically just water

8. What do you prefer – scrapbooking at home or at a crop? If I had my own space at home that was organized I really think I would enjoy it at home but since I don’t, right now I enjoy crops and Getaways the best!

9. What is on your scrapbooking wish list? My list is long – I would like some more stamps, and I am still up in the air about a Bind-It-All. I have issues buying things I know I may not end up using very much.

10. What is something that you always wanted to try? I am assuming this question is in relation to scrapbooking since that is what we are talking about and in that case I would like to try some book binding. Just in case you were wondering in regards to outside scrapbooking – skydiving is something I would like to try!

11. What do you listen to when scrapbooking? I LOVE LOVE LOVE music and I like to listen to a little of everything, however, the less slow tempo the better!

12. What blogs/magazines do you like? I love love love love blogs. Let me clarify, I hate keeping my own blog (just not good at it) but I love reading other blogs. I have too many favorites to mention. As far as magazines, I like several but Scrapbook Trends is my favorite!
-- kim

Friday, February 27, 2009

All About Sharon

I'm Sharon Mozer and this is my second term on the Scrapbooks-Plus Design Team. I've been scrapping since 1998 when most of my layouts looked like my second grader did them with die cuts made from construction paper and Mrs. Grossman stickers. I'm so glad I discovered Basic Grey and Ink!!
From a personal perspective, I own a professional services company that I started over 17 years ago (and we just hired our 100th employee!!). I am married and have four children (all boys), two dogs (all girls), and a cat. I love my gardens, the outdoors, and my camera. Without those, I'd be lost.
As for my scrapbooking style, I have this love of patterned paper, so the more of it I can use in a design, the better! About the only time I use card stock is to mat something. I like torn edges, inked edges, glittered edges, and tons of layers. I start each layout with two or three pieces of patterned paper that I want to use. Then I'll sketch out on graph paper how I want to use them. My pages must have balance. I like a focal point with proper weighting of the elements on the page. To me, a page just isn't quite "right" without a focal point, a title and journalling. And for all my layering, believe it or not, I'm a measurer (it comes from my engineering training).
I love bold papers with contrasting color. (My son Luke says I'm eclectic when it comes to color). Reds paired with gray and gold - like the layout above that I made for my "All About Me" album; oranges with blues and greens; and chocolate brown and charcoal gray- they go with about anything and are on almost every project I make. You'll also find that I incorporate circles in a lot of my designs (circles of brads, bling, rings of cardstock or textured paper, etc.). And anyone who has taken my classes at Scrapbooks-Plus knows, I love to make hand-cut embellishments from patterned paper...I have never met a patterned paper that I didn't want to cut up and make it into something.
Favorite scrapbook item? Small scissors and my Fiskars shape cutter. I'm also a big fan of Quick Quotes Powder Puff chalk inks and now Martha Stewart Glitter. I use both nearly all the time anymore. As for adhesive, I'm a ZipDry girl. No ATG for me!
Favorite thing to make? Two page layouts. Then single page layouts.
Biggest challenge? Cards. I'm getting better at mini books and projects, but I still find cards boring and struggle with them.
My palette? I'm fond of the autumn colors in scrapbooking - browns, reds, oranges, etc. The Basic Grey Ambrosia line sums it up in terms of my favorite scrapbooking colors.
Favorite manufacturer? Basic Grey tops my list, but I'm also fond of other lines like Little Yellow Bicycle, Anna Griffin and SEI (love those iron-ons!). Bo Bunny and Scenic Route are fun too.
Scrapbooking is the greatest release of anxiety and stress that I know. (And trust me, I know stress!!) It also allows us to create a window for others into our lives and the lives of the ones we love. What a wonderful craft! Welcome back returning DT members and new comers. What a great year of fun we'll have!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

All about me...

HI, I am Misty, some of you may know me from Scrapbooks-Plus. I work part time there on the weekends. And I am one of the newest members of the design team. I am from Nor*Cal, and moved here when my mother in law took ill.
I have been scrapping since the early 90's when all that was out was cardstock and stickers. Currently my favorite things to scrap are my little boy, and my little dog (who you will be seeing lots of). I am passionate about photography. Scrapbooking, is my main hobby however I come from an artistic family and have many talents. I love stain glass and enjoy doing it with my mom when I am home. I sew, quilt, and crochet. Thanks to my mom and grandma, I have a love for fabric and yarn.
Favorite scrapbooking items are paper, pictures and my ATG (how did I ever live without it). I love to do 12 x 12, pages and usually do double pages. I am not really into altered items. I feel like if it was meant to be altered it would have come to me altered. :o)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scrapping with Susie

This is my 2nd year on the Design Team and I feel very lucky to be working with so many fun and talented ladies..again! Here's a little peek into my scrap-crazed brain...

1. I am a very slow scrapper. I can mess around with a layout for days...and days...and days...

2. The question for me is not what to include in a layout, but when to stop! Simple is usually not my style! Layers, details, and dimension - but it takes me a long time to get it just right (I think I covered that in item #1.)

3. I love to try new techniques...currently I'm playing with the new core'dinations CoreColorCardstock we just got in at Scrapbooks Plus - look for it on my projects. This stuff is FUN!

4. I love to use my square is a great way to focus attention on the small details of a picture...and to get a lot of pictures on a layout in a mosaic format.

5. I just finished a couple of Jessica Sprague's AWESOME online digital scrapbooking classes and I learned sooooo much! I will never give up paper & cardstock, but I can definitely see more hybrid layouts in my future!

6. I have a HUGE backlog of pictures that I will never get to and I am okay with that. I scrap what inspires me at any particular moment. I do not work chronologically. I do try to divide layouts evenly between my 3 kidlets - 2 boys and 1 girl - 15, 13, and 11.

7. I have good friends that I scrap with on a regular basis, but I usually work at home...I like to sit on the floor and have ALL my stuff spread out all around me so I can see it!

8. Lately I have been spending more time in the classroom at Scrapbooks Plus because I love playing around with the larger size cuts I can get using the Cricut Expression. (My 2 page layout this month features a very large elephant - unusual, but I think it works!)

9. I am a paper helped me get over my fabric addiction. ;)

10. My favorite scrapbooking buddy is my sister, Mary Jo. Sadly, she lives in Texas!

11. On my wish list...more Cricut cartridges, Nestabilities, and Cuttlebug Embossing Folders!

12. M&Ms and Diet Coke while I'm scrapping, but I have to watch out for the really spins me up!

13. My favorite thing to make is 2 page layouts - and I really struggle with cards.

14. Exploding Boxes are my favorite non-layout item to make. I love the fact that they are so inter-active. I think of something new to include every time I make one. They are my version of a mini-book!

15. I scraplift on a regular basis and encourage others to do the same. (Remember -proper credit is important!) I am also starting to appreciate page sketches - great to help you get started especially if you have scrapper's block.

16. I must confess...I am a measurer...sometimes. And the thought of tearing paper scares me!

17. I am a tool junkie. I never met a gadget I couldn't use!

18. I really need to learn how to use my Cricut Design Studio software. I can see how it would save me so much time and paper.

19. I love shiny - Pearl Ex, Martha Stewart glitter, and rhinestones!

20. Easiest way to add depth - ink the edges!

I look forward to meeting many of you on the blog this year, and maybe IRL at the store!
Susie ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wanting Spring

Looking forward to spring and the warm weather. Like in Hawaii, maybe. Until then, I am going to get some of the new Basic Grey Marakeesch papers to scrap a photo of of my aunt. She liked spring too. Check back in a couple of days. By then, I will learn to post it.

All About Erin - plus

Since we are all introducing ourselves... today I'm going to go through my basic scrapping info and add a few random facts too... hence the "Erin-plus"! :)

I've been scrapping since 1998 and ,although I never went through the sticker-sneeze phase, I do have some pretty dated pages with cutesy paper. It makes me laugh to look back at them. Back then I spent a lot of time collecting papers and embellishments and not actually scrapping. About 4 years ago I started frequenting online scrapbooking sites, joined a few kit clubs, and started really scrapping again. I have to be careful though, or else I'll spend more time looking at cool scrapping sites instead of actually making things.

My style is generally clean and linear, but I don't like to measure and I love tearing, inking, and sanding on my pages. That sounds like it doesn't go together, but it works for me! I love bulky pages and sewn accents. Buttons are my favorite. Any layout looks better with a few buttons added! :)

I like to think that I can use any paper... in fact I find it's easier to scrap with paper that I don't **love**... in part because it's easier to cut it up and I'm not worried about ruining it! I love almost any color except purple. Most of my layouts are about my five-year-old daughter, so I have a lot of pink in my stash.
I love altered items and one-page layouts. Two-page layouts are a challenge for me and cards will often take me longer to make than an entire layout.

Some of the sites that I like to check out are:

Now a few random facts:

  • I love coffee and prefer it to dessert

  • I have to light new candles right away... I think they look naked with the bare, new wick!

  • I am a natural-born clutz. My dad used to call me "Grace" when I was little. (Okay, sometimes he still does!)

  • I do not like to drive and my mom had to force to me learn. I was the oldest person in my behind-the-wheel class in high school.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, February 23, 2009

New to the Neighborhood!

Hi there!
My name is Loretta Cooper and I am one of the new members of the Scrapbook-Plus Design Team. Although I'm new to the team, I've been a compulsive Scrapbook-Plus Customer for years.

I am a storyteller and journalist by profession. So it makes sense that documenting and preserving my own family history is a personal passion.

I began scrapping just after our first child was born, but quickly realized that this was a generational undertaking. Both of my grandmothers kept scrapbooks and photo albums. My books are just the latest editions in an ongoing story.

In my grandmothers’ scrapbooks I find the minutia and details of their lives both fascinating and surprising. I try to keep this in mind as I create my own pages.
Sometimes I worry that this hobby is too self indulgent and sucks up too much of my time. And then I realized that this undertaking reaches both forward and backward in time. It provides a larger context for our understanding of ourselves and our families. I read my grandmother’s thoughts about my father as a child, and I suddenly see traces of my own children. I see my grandfather’s relentless entrepreneurial spirit, and I know where my drive comes from.

… and you thought this was just about paper and glue!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 Things About Me

Hi, My name is Michelle Coffee and I am one of the newest members of the Design Team. I also happen to be a Facebook Junkie and decided to borrow the Random Things idea from there to introduce myself. So here goes:

1. I'm a military brat who moved around, I'm from Oklahoma and have lived there twiceand love it, but also love living in Northern Virginia.
2. I've been scrapping for about 4 years now.
3. I just bought my first house in August and guess which room is completely done- painted and decorated? Yep! My scraproom! :-)
4. I'm a scrap hoarder. I love, love, love to get new scrappin' goodies!
5. My Cricut is my favorite scrap toy.
6. I can't live without my Chestnut Roan ink.
7. I ink everything, even little letters.
8. I've even inked my stuff under the table at crops where no one else had heard of it. (I didn't want to make waves.)
9. It's rare, but sometimes I don't ink.
10. My style is whatever I'm into at the moment.
11. I try to branch out and do different size layouts, but I always come back to 12x12 double layouts.
12. I also make cards and enjoy stamping.
13. I spend way too much time making sure my colors match on my layouts.
14. Yes, I have layouts from the early days with sticker snot.
15. I won't go back and redo old layouts because they remind me of how far I have come.
16. My favorite paper lines are Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, and MME. My favorite embellies are buttons and Prima flowers.
17. Almost all of my layouts start with cardstock.
18. You can never have too many pop dots on and embellishment, you never know if a tiny part could dip! :-)
19. I'm also an adhesive hog, the ATG was the best purchase I ever made, I can coat my stuff with adhesive and have some to spare!
20. When I grow up I want to be published in Creating Keepsakes and Take Ten.

Hopefully now you know a bit more about me, maybe more than you wanted! :-) It's going to be a fun year and I'm already having fun playing with our latest kit. Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm back!

Hey all!  Since we're introducing ourselves here are 20 random things about me (because I'm so addicted to facebook)

1.  I only scrap when I'm watching girly movies.  It's the perfect combination!

2.  When scrapbooking, the most amazing snack is always diet pepsi and chocolate!  I'm so addicted to diet pepsi!

3.  The most amazing scrapbook project I've ever done was my submission for the Scion Scrappin' event (where I didn't win) but had a blast stalking other scion owners and meeting lots of new friends.

4.  My favorite embellishments are bling!  I don't understand how anyone can live without a little bling.  If you don't know of my love for  bling, come check out my car dash (my second favorite project!)

5.  My favorite designer is Tim Holtz.  I LOVE HIM!!!!  He is so amazing and talented.  I love his distressed style and his ability to create new and interesting stuff from old stuff!  (and some day I'll dog sit for him...LOL)

6.  My favorite tool will always be my cricut, especially now since I have both Hello Kitty cartridges!  I can't wait to showcase them in the up coming months.

7.  As a scrapbooker, I wish that I could be my best friend!  She's so organized, creative, and everything that she does is very precise and CLEAN, so not me... :(  

8.  Ink is so important and I love Dark Brown.  My second favorite Chestnut Roan, who doesn't love a good Chestnut Roan??

9.  Basic Grey paper is the best!  I love how different but true to their style they are.  They are amazing.  I'd love to work for them (oh yeah, I'm a music therapist, so that won't be happening..LOL)

10.  My favorite type of projects are altered objects!  Sometimes I have issues with the design team kit because I use a crap load of paper on my altered object and then I try to make 3 pages and a card.  I now lay paper aside, just to make sure I don't short change myself.  

11.  My favorite subject to scrapbook is my peapod...not really mine, but I'll always claim him! 

12.  Unlike a lot of the design team, I'm all about pink and PURPLE!  I think I can make them work with even my boy pictures (of peapod).  I'm a typical girly girl in scrapbooking, but maybe not in life (bring on the hockey and football and cars)

13.  I prefer to crop at home, but only because I'm forgetful and always leave something that I need at home.  I love cropping in my space because I've got great tables and the most comfortable chairs EVER!!!!

14.  I don't really read a lot of scrapbook magazines or books, but my favorite is  "52 Scrapbooking Challenges" by Elsie Flannigan.  Elsie has a great eye for color (which I LOVE), awesome ideas to stretch your brain, and wonderful layering techniques that I adore!

15.  The blogs that I check are :
       Tim Holtz (
Just Jewels Designs (

16.  I think home made gifts are the best!  I try to make at least one gift per holiday.

17.  I am a paper hoarder.  I buy scrapbooking paper just because it's pretty.  I probably have enough paper to make the whole world a card and still have leftovers.  There is really no need for me to buy paper again, but I will, because I can't help myself!  I LOVE PAPER!!!

18.  My favorite font (on the cricut) is Zooballoo!  It's so awesome and it has a few different styles, uppers and lowers, animals, and lots of great design elements (like grass, fence, city scapes, forests, and tons of other cool stuff).

19.  My favorite adhesive is ATG!  Man, once you get over how big it is, it'll save you a ton of money and that stuff STICKS!  I often ruin stuff because I can't align things straight and then I try to pick it back up, but I'll never go back!  NEVER!!!

20.  (WOW, I'm actually getting to 20 *shock*)  I'm thankful that I've met so many great friends scrapbooking and have been influenced to create my own way!  Thanks friends!!!  

Have a great day!
Leah :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

All About Deborah Mahnken

Hi, I'm Deborah Mahnken and this is my second year on the design team. I've been scrapbooking since 2005, thanks to my two children. After I filled up their baby books I thought, "what's next?" I found scrapbooking and never looked back. You'll see my two children in most of my work (well, they're much more photogenic). I co-founded a challenge blog, Method Playground, to encourage people to take risks, try new techniques and have fun doing it.

Favorite scrapbook item? Just one? If I have to pick one thing it would be patterned paper. I can't get enough of it. Oh, wait. And my Dot n' Roller adhesive - I use it almost everything.

What type of designer are you? I think of myself as more linear, but I like to layer embellishments and paper. After taking Cathy Zielske's "Design Your Life" class this fall I've rediscovered cardstock.

Favorite thing to make? I find it easiest to make single-page layouts, but I enjoy making all kinds of projects.

Biggest challenge in scrapbooking? Altered projects - sometimes they don't end up as I envision.

If you wrote a book about scrapbooking what would the title be? Well, if you asked my husband he'd say "How to Own More Supplies than Your LSS" . . .

Favorite color? I'm fickle about color and what I like changes with the seasons. Since I'm yearning for spring I find myself reaching for greens right now. But I'm partial to orange, teal, and black.

Favorite scrapbooking snack? OK, I tend to be messy and clumsy so I try and keep food and drinks far away from my scrap area. If there's a glass around I'm likely to knock it over. Seriously. If I get the munchies I'll snack on almonds or something that doesn't leave crumbs.

Crop or At-home? I usually scrap at-home, mostly at night after my kids have gone to bed. I enjoy crops, though, and I'm hoping to get to attend them more now that my husband won't be traveling all the time.

Wish list? The top of my scrapbook wish list is a Nikon D90 camera. And more storage for my supplies.

Something I've always wanted to try? I want to learn how to crochet and make those cute flowers. I bought a book, needles and yarn but have yet to actually try it.

What do I listen to when scrapping? If the kids are around they've got Noggin or Star Wars on the t.v. in the background, otherwise I'll just put my iTunes on random - lots of 80's and 90's stuff with musicals thrown in. I just added a few old Duran Duran songs and the Mamma Mia soundtrack last week.

Blogs/Magazines? I like to read them all - Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks, SB Etc., Scrapbook Trends and Memory Makers.

Scrap blogs I like: Method Playground, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Tim Holtz.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All about Lisa Hausman

Hi everyone! For the next 11 days the 2009 Scrapbooks-Plus Design Team will be introducing themselves to you.

My name is Lisa Hausman and I have been scrapbooking for almost 10 years. I have a husband a 3 wonderful boys that are the main focus of my scrapbooking. Right now I am the Design Team Coordinator for Scrapbooks Plus and I will also be working in the store on Tues and Wed starting 3/1. I also teach classes at the store.

Here is some more information about me:

My favorite scrapbooking item is and always has been my ATG gun, but I am partial to Zip Dry Glue also.

What type of designer (traditional, vintage funky)? I'd have to say I don't have a specific style that I could define myself. I pretty much let my pictures dictate the type of LO I do. I do like to grunge up my paper!

Favorite project? I really love to make mini books. I love the fact that you can finish a project in a short period of time.

Biggest challenge? I really don't like to make 2 page LO. I really struggle with them. But I find cards challenging sometimes too!

Scrapbooking book? If I wrote a book about scrapbooking it would be titled Keep it Simple. I really seem to like the simpler style.

Favorite color? Right now I'd say green. But I am partial to brown and blue- guess it's having all boys!

Snack? I try not to snack when I scrapbook but if I have anything it is usually Sour Patch Kids or something like that. I try to keep anything sticky away!

Crop or at home scrapper? Right now I'd say I'm a stay at home cropper but I do like to go to crops- I love to check out other people's work!

Scrapbook wish list? Wow- that is a long list! I think I'd love to have a Cricut Expression.
Something I've always wanted to try? I'd love to learn some of the techniques that Tim Holtz does. He is just awesome! I am also intrigued by Glimmer Mist.

Listen to when scrapbooking? Right now I have a eclectic mix of 80's music, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and some top 20 music. It's quite the compilation!

Blogs/magazines I read: Cathy Z, Ali E, Donna Downey, Tim Holtz, Pioneer Woman. I read Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks ETC .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Repurpose a Hardback Novel

Here's an idea that I scraplifted from a Carol Wingert Creatologie kit that I purchased a few months ago. When I bought the kit, I was a little skeptical, but after completing it, I was wowed (and hooked). I have a ton of old books that my husband has already read that collect dust on shelves. This idea gives those books a new purpose - holding memories!!

To do this, you first have to remove the "guts" from the book without damaging a spine. Carol recommends using a pencil and a craft knife to rip them out - since it works for her, then it works for me! Next you paint the book cover with acrylic paint - I used brown and gave it two coats.

Once dry, flip the book over and, with a glue stick and a brayer, cover the insides with a light weight paper. I used Anna Griffin for my book. I then created three sets of holes with an awl at the same spots at the top one inch down, in the middle and at the bottom one inch up. Those holes are used to sew in the pages - which are grouped into three different signatures.

I used the My Mind's Eye and card stock for the pages. Some of the papers were double sided, some were not. For those pages that weren't double sided I glued them together back to back to create the double sided look. The papers were mostly cut 8 1/2 x 11 and folded in half, placing three sheets togetheron the fold, then pierce the holes for sewing to match the holes you punched in the spine. I couldn't find waxed linen thread anywhere, as Carol recommended to use for the sewing, so I made my own. I used embroidery thread and beeswax that you buy at a quilting shop to wax the thread. To sew the pages in, start at the middle, sew from the inside of the book to the outside, then up to the top hole from out to in. Then pull the thread all the way to the bottom hole, in to out, then back through the middle from out to in. Then tie it off with the tail left from your original stitch. Pretty easy actually (I just hope I explained it well enough to follow).

From here you simply use two more sets of three 8 1/2 x 11 double sided papers folded together to create the other two signatures.
After your get them all sewn in, you decorate however you please.

The hardback book should measure about 6" x 9". To get the spine to look like mine, you gather the three waxed thread strands together on the outside with light florist wire or more waxed thread. Using a two-holed, decorative button (you'll need two), "thread" the wire/thread ends through the button holes. Tie off.
I wish I could take credit for all the clever techniques used to make this project, but all the ideas, for the most part, are from Carol Wingert. Her ideas and projects are just SO inspiring, I can't help but use them sometimes in my own work.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clear Stamp Know How

Clear stamps are my favorite item to buy. What makes them such a great tool is how easy they are to use. Rubber stamps can often give more detailed impressions, but nothing beats the ease of use of their clear cousins. Being able to see through the stamp to get it in just the right place makes them a lot less nerve wracking to use on a layout. I had already purchased a couple of the Laundry Line clear stamps from My Mind's Eye when Susie told us we could pick one out to go with our kits. Since I love collecting these little clear stamps, I was thrilled. If you haven't tried clear stamps yet, you have to give them a try! Here are some step by step instructions:

First you need your stamp and something to put them on. You can buy clear acrylic blocks in different sized at Scrapbooks Plus. You can also use a clear ruler, a small piece of plexi-glass, or a CD case if you don't have a block. Just make sure that the stamp fits completely on the item you are using as a block. Peel the clear stamp off the packaging and stick it to your block. If you haven't used it before, sometimes it'll be a little difficult to remove from the backer. Take your time and carefully remove it. On the other hand, if your stamp doesn't want to stick to the block, just wash both the stamp and the block in soapy water and set aside to dry. They'll be good as new!

I only wanted to use a part of this stamp...only the butterfly and not the trail. Kathryn has done a couple of videos showing how to mask off a part of a stamp with a post-it... but since the butterfly is irregularly shaped, I needed to use something else... blue painters tape!
I pulled off pieces with pointed ends to get in between the butterfly wings. Then just apply the ink pad to the stamp (I used clear... so no use taking a photo!), remove the tape and stamp onto the project. Here is my stamp with embossing powder... only the butterfly and not the trail, which would have been going in the wrong direction.

Here is the final layout:

thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vellum - Presto Chango!

I remember when I first started scrapbooking I was in love with vellum. I bought tons of it... plain, colored, patterned, embossed... you name it and I had some! Problem is, I didn't have a clue what to do with it. So it sat in my stash for ages. Last month I pulled it back out and used it on a couple of my holiday projects. How funny that Susie put some in our January kits too! I loved the way Deborah added the layers of vellum to her winter layout, and wanted to share another option.

I loved the green vellum in the kit, but was having a hard time incorporating it into my layout. The color was just a little off for the patterned paper that I added to the My Mind's Eye paper from the kit. No problem... since vellum is transluscent, I just needed to find the right paper to put behind it to alter the color slightly. The green vellum had just a bit of a blue tint to it, but I needed it to be more olive. I tested it out with different shades of cream and yellow cardstock until I found a shade of yellow cardstock to turn into what I needed. I used one of the My Mind's Eye journaling stamps and some brown Staz-On to stamp onto the green vellum. Then I ran a line of Zip Dry glue right on the back where the border was and adhered it to my cardstock. Once it was dry, I cut along the border, added my journaling with a Slick Writer from American Crafts, and placed it on my layout. Adding a few extra green accents make it look perfect!

Another note... and I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned it... but it's really important to use either a wet glue or super sticky adhesive (like ATG or red-line tape) to adhere items onto the glittered My Mind's Eye paper. Anything else and it will just peel off!

thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When the Paper is too Pretty to Cover Up

Now here's a layout that allows you to show-off the beauty of the patterned paper with the photos in the supporting role! I loved this My Mind's Eye pink glittery paper - so much that I was afraid to cut it! Haven't we all bought paper that was just too pretty to cut? So I let the paper become the center of attention in this layout. I printed 8 small 2x2 photos and arranged them in columns leaving the large field of pink paper alone except for a few brads. Journaling around the paper helps keep the eye focused there as well. I added a strip of striped paper for the title block and I painted a photo mount brown and while wet, sprinkled it with Doodlebug Sugared glitter in Ladybug. I used a transparency in the photo mount window for the date and location. The flourish is a rub-on from the same MME Laundry Line. The embellishments support the focal point of this layout, which truly is the beautiful glittered paper. The next time you find that perfect piece of pretty paper, think about how you might allow it to become the center of attention in your layout.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun With My Mind's Eye

These papers from My Mind's Eye's Laundry Line collection were so much fun to work with. For the double-page spread, I decided to tell the story of my friend's 40th birthday party in Memphis. I wanted to showcase not her only her party, but the gathering of friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. Of course, a trip to Memphis wouldn't be complete without a trip to Graceland, but rather than using the standard shot of Elvis's house, I selected a close-up of the graffiti wall out front. Fans pay tribute with a Sharpie, listing how much they miss the king, their favorite songs or how many times they've made the trek to Graceland. The shot I selected shows that this person has visited every year since 1995. Holeeee cow. Maybe they live right around the corner. :) For my journaling, I created tags and tucked them inside the photo pocket I created with the main image. I love this trick and use it a lot.

One of my Christmas presents was the Silhouette. Man oh man, talk about the coolest thing ever! I have a Mac but was able to hook it up and use Illustrator to create my title. And if I want to use the QK files, I just need to hook it up to my Windows laptop and I'll be good to go. This thing is small and mighty.

I had the pink pack, and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd focus on me and my man. I cut the glitter stripped paper ("Lucky" in Laundry Line lingo) down to 11x11 and arranged eight squares in the center. Each square is approximately 3x3. I pulled my photos in Photoshop and added a texture layer along a color layer and a filter to get the effect I wanted. I'll post a tutorial over at my blog soon. Then I grabbed a bunch of stuff from my stash, including the Jenni Bowlin "adore" card, the Jenni Bowlin birds, a Maya Road chipboard house, a slide frame, some clips and crochet flowers and rub-ons (Those are both from My Mind's Eye). For the birds, I flipped one over, painted it white and added the Martha Stewart glitter I used in my previous layout. Then I added the pink glitter to the wing. I did the same thing for the house. The house flips open to reveal two rub-ons: "When We Love, We Grow" and some flowers. My "Reasons I Love You" card was too long for my box, so I trimmed it and punched along the bottom using the Threading Water punch from Fiskars. The square layout is great for using up the stash that's lurking around your scrappin' area.

Finally, we have a snowflake card. It, too, is covered in glitter and attached to the front of the card with red line tape. I punched the side with Stampin' Up!'s scallop punch so that the vellum would peak through. I folded the vellum and sewed it to the inside of the card. Then I added some beads for fun. I love, love, love this paper ("Curious" in Laundry Line lingo.) Just beautiful. BTW, check out the My Mind's Eye site to see the glitter really sparkle!

BTW, this is my last month with the design team. I'm back in school and need to focus on my classes. It's been great fun and will be popping by here to check out the wonderful work by the rest of the team. (Congrats to the new members!!) Feel free to drop me a line or ask me questions about my projects over at my blog.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Day

I have to admit when I saw Sharon's Christmas Tree album last month I fell in love with the way she used the acrylic album and glitter. Now I admit I do sometimes scrap lift when I fall in love with someone's LO or album, I always make sure that I give them credit- so thanks Sharon for the awesome inspiration!

I did my own spin on it this month with the acrylic Snow Flake album from ScrapbooksPlus. I knew that I wanted to use some glitter on the edges, but I also incorporated Ranger Paint Dabbers in both Silver and White. I dabbed the edges with the paint then sprinkled glitter on the paint while it was still wet- basically I used the paint as my glue. This is a great tip if you want to add some bling to something that you have painted. I also used some Stickles to put on the edges. I used my circle punch to add some of the paper from the MME line to the center of each page.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beaded accents

This month's kit designed by Susie came with a small container of beads. I love the dimension that beads add to a page. I hadn't used any beads on my pages in a while so I went a little (or a lot) bead crazy with my projects this month.

On this LO I used the die cut machines at Scrapbooks Plus to cut out flower shapes. When using beads you have to some sort of really strong adhesive. I use Terrifically Tacky Tape sheets- Scrapbooks Plus carries this in sheets and tape. After I adhere the beads onto the Tacky Tape I use a brayer to roll over them to make sure I have really good adhesion with the beads.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Cards

Here's a few quick cards you can make - a great way to use up those scrap pieces of paper and extra embellishments.

For this card I used a piece of the My Mind's Eye paper to layer over my cardstock. I added a chipboard snowflake that I painted with Tim Holtz's Distress Paint and a punched snowflake from vellum. I made a sentiment with some leftover word stickers I found lying around. Finally, I put an eyelet in each corner since the textured paper was quite thick.

And another fast card - cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than your cardstock. Use a rub-on for your sentiment and adhere it to a scrap of vellum. Mat the vellum with the same cardstock then attach it to your card using pop dots. Finally, run a ribbon around the card, between the pop dots and tie.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recital 2005

I have been looking for ages for the right paper to use for scrapping my daughter's first dance recital and this month I found it with MME's Laundry Line.
It may sound silly, but I really liked the journaling card, so it was actually my starting point for this layout. There is a place to record the event and the date, but it also adds a bit of whimsy with a choice of emotions. EXCITED was how my daughter felt for her first time on stage, so I used some Glitter from Doodlebug Designs to accent a chipboard arrow. A brad in the center holds it pointing in the right direction. Next to the journaling card, the program from the recital actually was just too bright and clean, so I swiped the front with a light brown inkpad to match the tones a bit. The background paper ties in the pinks & browns from the photos. The picture frame on the first page was cut using an Accu-Cut die you can find in the classroom area of Scrapbooks Plus. I used pop dots under this picture because I wanted it to lay on top of the program, giving it a bit more prominence in the layout.

Page 2 went together very quickly. I used the light brown ink pad to distress the cream colored background paper. Using a square punch and a corner rounder I created a border using pieces of coordinating papers. I also used (2) slide frames in the border, covered in coordinating paper, to highlight a couple of detail shots of my daughter. (I just love the little awkward angle of her tiny dancing feet!)

I plan on adding journaling over the long block on the right side of page 2. I will print it on vellum and use some brads to hold it in place...and I may use Erin's glittering technique to give them some shine! (Thanks for the tip, Erin!)
Or I might add the journaling as a pull out from inside the program on page 1...decisions, decisions...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pocket Page

From the moment I saw the Laundry Line Collection from My Mind's Eye I was hooked. I just loved the combination of glittered paper and distressed finishes...a real shabby chic vibe!
Pink and Brown was the perfect color choice to use for scrapping my daughter's baby picture...and the glittery paper added a feminine touch.
With a piece of brown bazill as a base, I started by trimming the Flirty "Lil Girl" Pretty Coat Print paper to 11.5" x 7.5" and used a little adhesive in the center to temporarily hold it in place across the top of the page. Then I cut a piece of brown bazill to 12" x 5.5" and placed it across the bottom of the layout, lining up the side and bottom of the page. A zig zag stitch around the edges held it all in place, and added a textural detail. The chipboard borders from MME's Laundry Line are actually adhesive, but just to really hold it in place on top of the pocket edge, I put a copper colored brad at each end through the entire layout. Then it was a simple matter of punching out some squares of coordinating papers ( Winding Vine & Fresh Pressed Lines) and rounding the corners to match the journaling card. The title was printed on vellum and is highlighted by a set of decorative parentheses. These were soooo easy to make because I used the Clear Acrylic Stamps from the Laundry Line Natural Aspire collection (it has 4 different sizes in the set!) and stamped them on the back of the glitter paper. Then I simply trimmed them out, flipped them over, and attached them to the layout around the title. The velvety flowers are also from bazill and added even more texture and depth...and voila! A pocket page to hold cards and momentos from baby's arrival.