Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am anything but square...

He he he...finding titles for blog posts is always challenging for me but since the layout I am going to talk about is very symmetrical and has squares, I immediately thought that I was anything but square! Okay, so I digress but it made me chuckle!

This layout I happen to love the simplicity of it. It was very clean, straight lines but yet just came together so nicely. I simple used four same sized squares in the center as a "mat" of sorts, with four different patterned papers that nicely complimented each other. I was originally going to use a black and white photo, since the doggy seems to be such a beautiful doggy that complimented the paper nicely I chose to just leave this photo in full color.

Not all layouts need to be complex. Not all layouts have to have tons of photos. Sometimes less is more and you definitely have to find your design and your comfort zone.

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Kathryn said...

She IS a beautiful doggie & the layout highlights that just beautifully ~ love it!