Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Kim Possible Layout

Scrapbookers come into the store all the time asking for embellishments and papers for a particular theme. While there are many themes that are well covered Baby, Christmas, Sports etc there are bound to be many that are not. That is when you have to think outside the box.

When we went to Disney World in April my kids did the Kim Possible mission. I had been having a hard time finding papers and embellishments to use for this layout. These Echo Park papers were a perfect fit for these photos. Since there are no embellishments specific to my theme I had to be creative.

I used some of the stickers from the kit that had to deal with travel and I added some metal gears. To add interest and dimension I popped a few of them off of the page using pop dots.

I added all of the on top of this laser cut piece I got at GASC. I asked for a business card at the Dillon's Laser Designs booth it came packaged with this laser cut grid which was perfect for this layout.

Oh, to get my title I googled Kim Possible images and picked this image with the title. Then I printed it out and cut out just the title.

I adhered the title to a piece of chipboard and cut around the edge of the title. Then I used a marker to color over the green of the letters to make them pop. Then I attached the title to the layout with pop dots.

So if you are trying to create a layout and can't find items to go with your theme think outside the box. Clocks, gears, bird cages, ribbon, flowers and bling can all be used to enhance your layout whatever the theme. I hope I've inspired you!!

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