Monday, July 18, 2011

Copic Markers- oh so many uses!

If you have not used Copic Markers before, you really should give them a try!  I believe they are the most flexible markers on the market!  They are refillable, they are guaranteed not to dry out (if the cap is on) for 3 years and the nibs can be replaced so you never need to buy the same marker twice!  I just love them as they are so versatile and come in hundreds of colors!  They can write on practically anything. Let me show you a few items that i used my Copic markers for with this month's Design Team projects:
First, I used a Multiliner pen with the brushstroke tip to write on my photos.  There are lots of different sized nibs for Multiliners.  I like the brushstroke but it is easiest to start with a harder nib if you aren't used to working with a brush.  The brush is fun because you can vary the width of your stroke very easily with more or less pressure.  All Copic markers can be used to write on photos.  They dry almost instantly and do not smear.  They are great for adding text or for coloring.

I also used them to color the edges of my wood frame.  I didn't want to cover the frame with paint, but I didn't want to leave the 'raw' wood on the edges.  Copic markers color is transparent.  You can 'build' the depth of the color when you use it by layering more color in the same place for a darker color.  The reason I chose these for this project was so that I could take advantage of this transparent quality and be able to still see that it is a wood frame with the grain showing through.   I covered the front of my frame with paper and embellishments from the Design Team kit this month but the edges were quickly and easily finished with Copic Markers.  I used a shade of red for the outer edge and a shade of dark blue for the inner edge by the photo.

If you are interested in learning more about these markers, join us on August 17th at 6:30 for our upcoming Copic Club class at the store!  Here's the completed photo frame.

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