Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Using masks

I have to admit, I have a new obsession. I love to use masks on my designs. I love how they can add dimension to any design. Prima and Crafter's Workshop both have some really great masks that you can use~ and Scrapbooks Plus carries them both!

For this layout I used masks from both Crafter's Workshop and Prima. The harlequin mask on the backgroud pages is from Crafter's Workshop and the circular floral mask from Prima. I loved the way the Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist worked with it. You can use a variety of different mediums with masks- some of my favorites are using Glimmer Mist (which is probably my favorite!), paint, using an ink pad directly on it and using modeling paste with it.



Karen Bearse said...

Love the masking!!!!

Katie said...

I love your layout! The masking technique you used looks amazing! I love the vines above and below the picture and the harlequin on the side. It looks great! Now I need to buy some masks. I always go into the store and look at them and walk away. No longer!

Thanks for sharing!

Katie B.