Monday, May 23, 2011

Using Big Letters – Beautiful Bermuda

The extra large chipboard letters at Scrapbooks Plus attracted my interest every time I went in the store. (They are available in cream, burgundy and black for only 69 cents.) So as Designer of the Month, I included a letter in the kit to see some ways to use the letters.

I originally planned to use my “B” for a family page but as I worked on my projects a new idea arose. The pink side of the Perky paper reminded me of the pink Bermuda sand and the pictures I had not scrapped from a trip to Bermuda. As I looked at my pictures, “Beautiful Bermuda” popped into my head and I had a title and a use for my “B.” To go with the theme and the colors of the page, I sprayed the “B” with Cadillac Pink Glimmer Mist making it a solid, shinny pink. To make it more interesting, I used the green vines from the Vicki B. rubon set to add accents. This also brings together the pink with the green background. The “Beautiful” above the “B” and “Bermuda” below came from the Vicki B. Sticker set.

I placed the pictures in a grid on a photomat made from Perky paper (pink side) and added a frame from Bazzillion paper (brown side). Some pictures are on each side of the 2-page layout. This didn’t provide enough attention to the pictures so I added a corner accent in each corner created from the rubon set. The flowers in the center are also from the Vicki B. rubon set. They are placed so that each is partially on both pages and draw your eye to the center of the picture display. Tape the pages together on reverse side with painter’s tape to assure that they don’t move while you work and apply the rubons as usual. Once affixed you can simply pull the pages apart and the rubons separate with the design fitting together perfectly when you place the pages together. I love this trick!

To add a little more design, I covered a chipboard flourish with Bazzillion paper (brown side) and also cut two smaller flourishes ones from the same paper. (The dies for these are available in the crop room.) To add interest, I sprayed the flourishes with Decadence Chalkboard. The effect of this is hard to see in the picture but when you look at the page directly it adds a benefit.

Without the “B” this page would not be nearly as attractive. Check out the letters. You can use all kinds of scrapbooking techniques on them to make them fit your page. How else can you add this kind of focus on a page for only 69 cents?

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