Monday, April 18, 2011

Every day with you is a treat!

Happy Easter! (a little early!)  I used an acrylic box filled with jellybeans, our fun Design Team paper this month, and the upcoming Easter holiday as my inspiration for my project.  I wanted to make a little Easter basket to go with my box.  It is tall and narrow, about 1 1/4" square on the bottom of the box.  I designed my basket as follows:
I decided how far up the side of my acrylic box I wanted the sides to come (about 4" in this case), I added in my 1 1/4" box base and cut my paper in a square.  I traced the box base in the center of my square.  I then cut myself a corner template out of cardboard and traced it on to my paper on all 4 corners.

I cut on the lines but left a little tab on each of the side pieces so I could easily glue the basket together.  I then erased all my pencil marks just in case they would show on the finished project.  I then used extra strong tape to hold the sides together, applying to my tabs I left on the sides.  I used a scallop border punch on the edges while it was still flat so the edges of my basket would be scalloped.
I added a handle covered with ribbon, a few bows on the side, orange Easter grass and a Happy Easter scalloped circle to the front to complete my basket.  Hope you have some fun projects lined up for the upcoming holiday!

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Karen Bearse said...

Very inspirational!!! Love it