Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's All About Family

The Teresa Collins Giving Thanks line came with some truly lovely die-cut accents. I wanted to do a family layout... but as I went searching for photos, I couldn't find any of all three of us together (well, any that I hadn't scrapped). Instead I settled on these shots from 4th of July when each of us took turns taking photos of the other two.

I turned my photos to black and white and printed them as 3.5 x 5's. I loved the orange brocade paper, so that was an obvious choice for my mat. I bordered that with the lovely borders on the reverse of the Thank You paper and added several of the Teresa Collins die-cuts. The clock die-cut has one of the cool pebbles from Prima in the center with the black bling surrounding it. I love those little things. The design underneath is a little piece of sheet music and it's subtle enough to really work with anything elegant. I also used a large Prima flower. I have a few of these in my stash and they are so absolutely beautiful that I have a hard time actually sticking them to a layout. :)

The white dots are my new toy... actually the applicator is my new toy. They are those new I-Rocks from Imaginisce. The tool is very easy to use: runs on batteries, so no cord to fight with, it only heats up when you are holding the button down... so there's no way to accidentally burn a hole in anything else, and it heats up really fast... so it's ideal for those of us who are impatient scrappers. :)

Just touch the tool to the top of the pearl, it heats up the glue and sticks them right to the page... so it's very easy to get them right where you want them since there's no picking them up to put glue on them and then trying to stick them back in the same place. You'll see and feel the glue activate slightly to know that it's stuck in place.

They come in lots of cool options... some colored bling, some metallic. Scrapbooks-Plus has carried the compacts of mixed colors and the tools... and they just got in some more of the tubes. I've already picked up some more to use. Very cute!

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Robin said...

Great layout. I am going to have to look into picking up that wonderful tool. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.