Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scrap'n Easel

Every once in a while a product will come along and as I use it I know that it is going to change the way I design.


This product has done just that!  Here is how it works.  It is a magnetic easel that can be used on a low angle for designing or a high angle for display.  All of the components of your project can be stuck to the board using magnet (included.)  This helps to speed along the design process because you can stick a paper or embellishment to the LO and it stays put until you move it.  I never realized how much time it took for me to place and replace all of the elements of my layout that accidentally shifted around while I was working.  This past Thursday I finished 6-2page Layouts (12x24 layouts) in one day thanks to the Scrap'n Easel!  6 in one day!!  I have been able to pull off 4 in a day before but 6?  I know it was the Scrap'n Easel that helped me to work quickly and efficiently to get the layouts completed. 

It is such a time saver, and a neck saver.  I can keep cropping for hours without neck pain thanks to the ContainYa Crafts Scrap'n Easel.  It is angled for several reasons.  First, to avoid overhead light glare on your layout which can be very distracting.  Besides, moving left and right trying to get a look at your layout without the glare takes up time.  The angle also helps to minimize neck/ shoulder pain caused by keeping that odd angle of looking directly down while working on layouts and other projects.  The third reason is the glare again but this time it is how the glare effects your photographs.  If you have ever tried to photograph a layout you know it is pretty tricky to get all four sides squared in the picture and avoid glare on your photos.  I mostly just wanted to get the Scrap'n Easel to photograph my layouts.  I had no idea that once I used this product that I would never scrap without it again!  Seriously it is as important to me now as my 12 inch cutter and my ATG gun, can't scrap without it!

It is totally portable, you can see in the photo it folds up so it is completely portable.  It is great for crops!  I found another blog post with a really great video demonstrating the easel.  Check it out here.  

Stop by the store and get yours today.  Don't wait, Debbie can't keep them on the shelves.  I couldn't get my hands on one until the 3rd order came in, they go that fast!  If she is out of them Debbie will order one for you so don't worry, you'll get one.  But you might have to wait.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite tool now also! A must have for every scrapbooker and card maker!