Thursday, January 28, 2010

Think Out of the Box by Esther

Well the year is moving right along. I thought today was the 27th, when it was actually the 28th. We will soon be into the second month of 2010. What happened to January?

My post is meant to encourage you to think out of the box when planning projects. Everyone has some creativity. Most people will state that they are not creative, when they are and have not tried to create. Each of us has different ideas about doing things. Scrapbooking and the artistic process are also different for each of us.

When planning a layout or project, get ideas from others, but let your own sense of how you want it to look guide you. Some of us, me included, start a layout with the photos dictating the look of colors, papers and embellishments. Others start with patterned papers and find the photos. If you have a favorite line of cardstock, this could be the order used.

There is no right nor wrong in scrapbooking. Be free to create your own look. There are some principals in art that could be used as guidelines - balance, using odd numbers, color combinations, etc. But generally we are at a crop when we ask each other, what would you do to this layout. That is ok. But use your own judgement. I try not to offer too many suggestions to new scrappers. It could be discouraging to be told your ideas are not working. If asked, I will offer some suggestions.

When we see a layout or project, we should be daring enough to put our own spin on it. Afterall, your scrapping is personal. Making something to give to someone might be different, but you are in charge of your scrapping. The Design Team displays it projects to give a jumpstart like we get inspiration from amgazines. Take your own photos and choices of papers and embellishments to make what pleases you using other layouts as inspiration.

Scraplifting can be good or if relied on too much, can stifle creativity. Use your own eye for what pleases you and your pages will be personal memories. This is not to discourage you from visiting the blog or any other blog. Just use it as a guide to think how you can do the layout to suit your own personal taste and be creative.

Look at the Design Team Wall to see what I mean about different tastes and thinking out of the box. When given the same supplies, each member has a distinctive presentation. No two are alike. This is an amazing team and it has been great to learn from each person on DT the past year.

Visit the Scrapbooks Plus 2010 DT starting on the first of February. See you then.

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