Thursday, January 7, 2010

That Face!

And all that Glitter!  When I started this layout, I knew that I wanted to use this cute photo of my pup with her head resting on our older dog and I knew I wanted to use this beautiful Upsy Daisy  "William" flourish/floral print.  The problem I had was that the print was a little drab for my liking.  I decided to add a little bling, so I reached for my Martha Stewart Brownstone glitter. At first I just glittered the larger flower.  It looked a bit lonely without a glittered stem.  So I glittered the stem... and after about thirty minutes.... I ended up glittering everything!
After finishing the entire design in Brownstone, the ensemble was entirely too monotone.  I looked through my "Martha" stash and found the Antique Silver glitter to be just what my flowers needed.  I waited for the piece to dry and added a second appliction of glue (FYI, I use Martha's glitter glue for detail glittering projects like this - it holds its "shape" when putting it on and dries really fast) and sprinkled the silver right on top of the brownstone.  It worked beautifully!
Suddenly I realized that my 5x7 photo of the dogs was too big, so I reprinted it in a 3x3 format.  Clearly the layout had become more about the glitter than about the dogs!

After adding the matted photo, I felt it needed something more in that top right quadrant.  I used a second sheet of the "William" paper, hand cut a flourish and a flower and went to glitter some more  (can a girl have too much bling, really?!?).  I popped it on the left side of the photo to give it a little dimension.  Add a title, journaling and a ribbon and you're done! A simple, yet fantastic, design.  Replace the photo with any black and white or sepia-toned 3"x3" and you can achieve the same results.

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matushka said...

The brownstone is my favorite color of all the Martha glitters. I don't have antique silver... hmm may have to get that one. Love the little frame repurposed as a tag holder... too cute!