Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stack up the Chipboard

Sometimes I just don’t want to have a flat page. Well… actually, that is all of the time! But sometimes regular dimensional adhesive (think pop dots and such) just aren’t enough. When I have a larger piece or an entire photo that I want to pop off the page, I use old pieces of chipboard. Sometimes they are extra pieces that I no longer have the coordinating paper line for and sometimes they are the scraps left from around the pop-out pieces of chipboard sheets.

Just find a piece to fit behind your accent and use a wet glue to firmly hold it in place. It will give your piece just a little pop off of the page as well as supporting it so it doesn’t get smooshed and lumpy in your albums.

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SharonVM said...

What a terrific idea! I have so many scraps of this and bits of that lying around. What a perfect way to put them to good use!!