Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everyday Things

Just like Lisa, I am also guilty of not doing enough "everyday" pages of my kids. And at this age there's lots of things I want to remember - favorite toys, funny things they say, routines, etc.

So, I pulled out a few pictures of my daughter to document one of her "games" - grabbing anyone's face and saying "chubby cheeks."

I also had a bit of fun playing with the velvety/suede paper in the kit. Gotta die cut machine? This paper is great for embossing! I used my cuttlebug on the paper and came up with the blue circle at the top. You'll be seeing more embossing from me this month - it's easy to get carried away :)

1 comment:

SharonVM said...

I love how you embossed the velvet paper. It makes for a perfect embellishment. Have you ever tried ironing it to get a similar effect? You have to use a favorite rubber stamp (the clear acrylic ones will not work)and a hot iron. The results can be stunning.