Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finding Inspiration by Esther

When I received the November kit with the S.E.I. Moravia scalloped shaped blue print cardstock, I was hesitant to cut it. It was so pretty. But the cardstock was too busy to do anything with my photos. I looked at the sheet for several days, with no ideas coming forth. Then one evening, I noticed a package of napkins bought a year ago. They also had a scalloped edge. Because the napkins were folded in fourths, I got the inspiration to cut the paper into fourths and make a mini-album.

The paper was halved and the half cut in half to get two triangles that became the front and back covers. The shape was traced onto chipboard and cut with the scallop. There are two inside pages along with the front and back covers.

Each of the four chipboard pieces needed to be covered with the cardstock papers. When gluing the paper to cardstock, use a quick-drying glue like Scotch Quick-dry Adhesive and spread it sparingly near the edges. Use a brayer to smooth it outward from the center of the chipboard. Let each side dry thoroughly first.

Biege allowed for a neutral warm coordinate. The sueded paper gave a soft cool blue side.

Some edges were decorated with rubber stamp ink pad and the embossed with the copper color. The Chomper was used to make a large curve at each point. This is the location of the hole made with the Crop-A-Dile that will attach them together with a ring.

It took a few days to figure out how to use the lovely patterned paper. You can also find inspiration in things around the house for your pages. See the results on The Wall at ScrapbooksPlus.

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