Friday, June 24, 2011

Making a frame

I loved the Webster's Pages papers that we used this month! They were so fun to work with. This layout was really a quick and easy one for me. I used the vellum paper as my background and put a plain piece of white Bazzill cardstock behind it. For the frame around my picture I used the outer part of the frame of the Groomed Traveler. It was a really easy way for me to use up my "scraps" of paper. The frame was really easy to make.

First, I cut out the center part of the paper with a craft knife and ruler ( I really like the Tim Holtz ruler that Scrapbooks Plus has~ it has a metal edge so the craft knife will not damage the ruler!).

I then cut the frame on the corners with a ruler and craft knife

I then decided how large (or small) I wanted the frame to be.

I glued the pieces together (just on the corners) and took my ruler and did a miter cut on the corner with a ruler and craft knife again. I didn't cut all the way thru both papers~ just the top on.
There you have it! A finished frame in the size that you want!



Kathy Bryant said...

Good idea! Great blog.

Karen Bearse said...

Nice layout! Love the frame idea.