Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick Tip: Getting your layout laid out just SO

When I'm laying out all the pieces for a new layout, once I get everything right where I want it, I make light pencil marks on the background paper around the corners of the photos, patterned paper or whatever pieces I am putting on the layout. This saves me time getting everything back where I want it when I add the adhesive and keeps me from needing to use my ruler... a win, win! Once everything is glued in place, I just erase my marks.

Here is my take on the sketch this month. The people in my focal photo are small... and I didn't want them to get lost on an end so I stretched the sketch out on either side of them. I added an extra mat and bumped the photo up just a little to give it extra weight. All of the DC Christmas decorations are similar in scale, so breaking them up on either side also helps point to the focal photo.

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susie said...

Thanks for the tip Erin...I just used it and it saved me a LOT of time! I also am really appreciating your tip on using leftover chipboard to "pop up" my elements - awesome!

Hope you guys are enjoying the snow!