Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Flora by Esther

This layout was highlighting flowers that were sent to two aunts last year for Christmas. Each aunt took pictures as the amaryllis bulbs grew to produce large red blooms for the holidays. The pictures were different sizes & orientations and were not fitting the layout.

I attempted to get balance and unity by cropping the picutres and mounting them on solid cardstock. All of the corners were rounded. They were then placed on a patterned paper.

The letters for Flora are fabric letters by American Crafts that were made green with a copic marker. A red & green Copic markers were used to color in the rubber stamped poinseittia at bottom left. At the top of the layout, I used Sticles to give gold lettering on a transparent sheet. It was attaced to solid cardstock with brads. This was like writing with cake frosting. The Stickles had to flow onto the transparency. The hardest part was waiting for it ot dry.

When you have pictures that are different in size to combine on a layout, look for ways to unify them to fit the theme.Recording the memory was more important than having all the pictures the same size.

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