Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Holiday Thank You Card with Photo for Grandma!

Although this card could be varied to meet many needs, it was designed to be a thank you note for a child’s Christmas gift.  With space for a picture, it can act as a photo frame on a table.  It is made with StargazingC, Caroling and Tomato Velvet paper.  Buttons and twine make attractive closures for the card.    Detailed instructions for making the card follow.

1.     Cut a 6”x 12” strip from Stargazing.  Score vertically at 3” and 9” to form flaps that meet in the middle when folded. 

2.     Decorate the inside first as once you do the outside the surface will not be flat and it will be hard for things to stick.
a.     Center -- Cut a piece of Tomato velvet paper  just slightly larger than your picture as a photo mat.  Mine is 4” x  5 ½.”  I cut little slashes in each corner  to stick the edges of the picture in so it will remain in the card during transit, but remove easily if the recipient wants to put in a frame. Affix  photo mat to the card. Cut 3 stockings (front & back)  out of Tomato velvet paper.  Make three stockings from Tomato Velvet. I used a Cuttlebug die but any stocking will work.  I cut three and then cut three reversed and used two for each stocking so that both sides would be the same.  I cut a top for each stocking out of white paper and applied white flocking powder.   Run twine through a red heart button from Bo Bunny’s Father  Christmas Buttons from the back to the front & then back to the back.  Affix near top left of center piece of card with Glossy Accents.  Hang stockings. (I put knots in between to keep stockings from ending up all on one end.)  Put twine through the other button in the same way.  Affix to card on right side of center piece and trim remaining twine as desired. 
b.     Right Inside Flap – I used an ornament  (3”) cut from Silver Valley with Joys of the Season Cricut Cartridge. Using Detail White embossing powder, emboss the word “Thanks” on top of the ornament.  Tie a strand of red/white twine through hole in ornament.
c.      Left Inside Flap -- Cut a 6 x 3 ¼” piece of tomato velvet .  Fasten it to the left inside starting at the fold line.  It will hang over the edge approximately ¼”.   On the inside left apply  a 2 ¾” x 5 ¾” piece of Caroling.  Add  a gift (2 ½”) cut from Silver Valley with the Cricut Joys of the Season Cartridge.  Cut the ribbon from Tomato velvet.
3.     Left Outside -- Fold in the extra tomato from the inside and fasten firmly.  Add a  2 ¾”  x 2 ½” piece of Tomato velvet  on  the top left.  Add  a just slightly smaller  piece of Caroling. 
4.     Right Outside -- On the right bottom add a 3 ½”  x 2 7/8”  piece of tomato and a slightly smaller piece of Caroling.
5.     Closures -- Use green star buttons from the Bo Bunny’s Father  Christmas Buttons set and red & white twine to close; affix to two flat buttons with glossy accents.  (1st run thread for bows through.  After dries tie bow & trim.  Affix twine to one of the underneath buttons with glossy accents; affix buttons to card with glossy accents; wrap twine to close. 

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Erica said...

such a creative idea!! I checked everything out in person yesterday at the store...very nice!!