Thursday, March 24, 2011

Page map layout and a cool new trick!

I love page maps. They are such a great way to get inspiration on doing a layout. What is nice too it that you can use them as a starting point if you are suffering from scrapper's block. This layout came together so quickly for me- I want to say in total it took about 20 min from start to finish. It probably would have been even quicker but I came up with this:

I made a Tim Holtz rosette out of canvas fabric. I was so excited to see that it worked. I cut the rosette out of canvas with my Vagabond (which I love!). I did have to run it through 2x to make sure that it cut all the way through. I then used a product from the fabric store called Stiffy. It is a fabric stiffener that you brush on. It is super easy to use. I then let the canvas dry and did the rosette the same way you do with paper. I then sprayed it with Glimmer Mist. I love how it came out!


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Karen said...

Love it! I laugh every time I think of your silly birds watching you scrapbook-classic!