Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Pinwheels

I really love the look of pinwheels and they are so easy to make.  They can be multidimensional or flat.  The three pinwheel-layers can be three different papers or all the same paper.   It is all up to you.  Here’s how you make the pinwheels.   

Cut 2 circles of three different sizes.   Cut each circle in half.   If you are making them flat against the paper, simply affix the largest four half circles to the paper in a circular pattern with all the flat edges facing the same way.  You will probably want to overlap them in the center a bit.  Repeat with each successive smaller circle, gluing them so blades of pinwheels do not totally cover the layer below.  On top of the top circle, add something to cover up the area where blades come together.  I like using a small paper circle and then an ornament – a brad, a button, or some fun object.  For this box, I used Elements White Buttons, which I threaded and tied a knot before affixing.  For Easter, some with eggs or bunnies in the center would be cute.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Now it is only slightly more complicated to make the pin wheels multi-dimensional.  Instead of gluing pinwheel blades to the paper, glue them to a circle (sized so that the next layer completely covers it).  Put another circle on top.  Do the same with the other layers.  Add a pop dot to the bottom and between each layer.    

To decorate mine a little more, I embossed the edges.  I “inked” the round edges with VersaMark.  This is the same technique that you use when inking an object so it isn’t even.  Then I embossed with a transparent glittery embossing powder.

To make the box, you simply cut and score a 12” piece of paper into  9 even squares.  The center square is scored and the lines that go from outside to center square are alternated scoring and cutting.   (If you’ve not done this before, the instructions with a diagram are in the 12/30/11 blog.)  Glue the sides of the box together.  I used the Bazzill pre-cut edges to decorate the top. You’ll need two packages, but you’ll have lots left over for other projects.  These come in lots of colors.  A ribbon, which is also available at Scrapbooks Plus, goes around the center.

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