Saturday, February 18, 2012

Make it Extraordinary!

Have you ever looked at ordinary things and thought how boring- I can fix that!?  Of course you can!  Here's how I mad a simple spiral notebook a lot more exciting...
Grab a binder clip and clip all your pages together to make life easier later, leaving your back and front covers out of the binder clip.  Take pliers and unbend one end of the metal spiral so you can easily spool it out of the holes.  Set it aside.  Then measure your covers (I covered the back too but you wouldn't have to), cut and adhere your paper and decorate the front.  I chose to add some vintage lace and the paper border that coordinates and is available with this month's LYB papers as well as a few coordinating premade embellishments.  I used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes at the top so my spiral could go back through.  I also added a closure for the bottom of my notebook using a small circle of chipboard (about 1/2 the size of my embellishment that you see (also from the matching LYB premade embellishments).  I punched through the center of both and added a brad.  I attached twine to the back cover and just wound it around my circle closure.  I reassembled my notebook by spooling my spiral back through the top and re-bending the end to secure it.  I tied pieces of my vintage lace and a coordinating color ribbon to the spiral.  I also made a matching RSVP pen.  This is really easy because the top screws off and the matching paper is inserted by rolling it and inserting in the space around the ink.  Of course I finished the pen with matching ribbon and vintage lace! 

Now my notepad and pen are nothing ordinary-- they are extraordinary!

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