Friday, April 6, 2012

Take A Hike

I love this collection from Echo Park. These papers were perfect for scrapping about a Cub scout hike we took with my son's den last fall.

The green plaid paper had a real outdoorsy feel to me so I chose that paper first and then added the neutral zigzag paper. To pull the layout together I decided to use the army green paper as the background and edge border of the entire layout.

To make the title I used a piece of cardboard I saved from some packaging. I tore off the top layer to expose the corrugated middle. Then I used some Heidi Swap mask letters and placed them on the cardboard to spell the word HIKE. I painted over the letters using green acrylic paint by Making Memories. Once I was finished adding the paint I removed the letters to reveal part of my title. You know how "they" (everyone in the scrapbooking industry) are always saying you should include your own handwriting on your pages, well I think the same should be true for those you are scrapping for so I had my son write "Take A" on the tag for me. I attached the tag to the cardboard using my Tiny Attacher and then added a few more of the small staples to the corners of the cardboard.

I also used some ink on these word cards that I cut from one of the papers in the line. I was hoping to create a dirt effect on the cards and I am really happy with the results. Instead of using paper to mat the photos I used more of the acrylic paint and ran the photos edges through the paint to get the border effect I wanted.

Immediately after finishing this layout I started on a very girly layout with just as cute of a title. By the end of the day I had finished two very different 2 page layouts using this collection. The papers were so easy to work with and so inspiring. If you are curious about my girly layout check it out on The Wall or just stayed tuned to the blog. I'll post about it next week.

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Robin Shakoor said...

This two pager is beautiful!