Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fancy Pants~Wave Searcher

Good Morning! Finally some April showers are here to wash away some of the pollen. That makes today a great day to stop by ScrapBooksPlus to crop. While you are there check out today's Wednesday Lay Out.

I used the Wave Searcher line by Fancy Pants. I had so much fun working with these papers!

These pinwheels are your free element when you buy the other items for this layout. There are color copies of the directions for this layout at the store but I will also include them here.


One sheet of each paper Shoreline, Summertime, Shovel, Goggles,

Bucket, Floating, and Relaxation.

One yard of each the flat ribbon and string.

One package Queen&Co buttons.

Instructions: Build background on two pieces of 12x12 paper (any color, I used white.) Starting at the top of both side of the background page working your way down attach a 2 ½ x 12 inch piece of Goggles, ¾ x12 inch piece of Summertime, 6x12 inch piece of Shovel, ¾ x12 inch piece of Summertime and a 2 ½ x 12 inch piece of Goggles.

Cut out two large swirl shapes from the Shoreline paper. I cut mine from the left side and the right side of the paper so that one edge was flat. I attached the swirls to the layout with pop adhesive with the flat edge of the swirl lined up with the flat edge of the background paper.

This is what my paper looked like after I cut out my swirls just to give you a better idea of what you are cutting.

Cut a 5 ½ x 7 ½ inch photo mat out of Summertime and attach 5x7 photo and the mat to the left side of the layout. Cut an 8x1 ¼ inch strip of Floating and a 9 ½ x ¾ strip of Bucket and place on the layout slightly overlapping the photo and going across both side of the layout.

Cut a piece of Summertime to an appropriate size for your title (mine was 5x2 inches) and cut a small piece of Floating for the date (mine was 3x1 inches.) Using a circle punch cut 3 circles out of Relaxation (I used a 1 ¼ inch circle punch.) Add the title, date and circles to the layout using a pop adhesive.

To make the pin wheels (free element!!) pull down the corner to the right side of each slit made in the paper square and use glue dots to adhere the corners in the center. Place one of the small buttons in the center. Attach pinwheels to the layout and add string as the stem. Add two 3 inch pieces of the flat ribbon to the layout on either side of the title. Finish by adding buttons to the swirl paper.

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