Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick & Easy Mini Book

Want to put together a minibook but not sure how to begin? Here's a real quick and easy mini. It only takes a handful of paper, a bone folder, adhesive and your imagination.

Start by picking out your paper. I used four sheets from this month's Fancy Pants kit and a piece from Tim Holtz's Halloween kraft pack.  Cut them all to the same size - but double the size you want your finished book. I chose to cut all mine 8.5 x 11 inches. 

Then, score all of your paper down the middle and fold. The side of the paper that you want to show should be on the inside of the fold (except for the cover). All the pages will be glued back-to-back.

Here's the first page of my book. You can see it's made up of one sheet of patterned paper.

To assemble the book you'll be gluing each sheet to another. Start with the sheet you'd like for your cover and put each folded page inside the cover, one right next to each other. When you're happy with the order, place the cover open on your workspace with the inside facing up. Take the left side of the first page and glue it to the left side of the cover.  Glue to the right side of the first page to the left side of the second page ... and so on until all the pages are glued back-to-back.

Here's the rest of the pages. They have minimal embellishment and no photos ... until Halloween is done.