Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Coffin Candy Dish

Halloween Candy Dish
When I saw some paper mache coffins, I twanted to make a candy dish.  Like many of my projects, I started out with the basics (covering the coffin with paper) and then kept adding so I ended up with a skull, printer’s block letters, etc. I had a lot of fun and think you will too.  With this candy dish at home or the office, you’ll sure to be a hit.  I’ll describe what I did, but once you get started I’m  sure you’ll see ways to do it better.

To begin, I painted the edges of the top and bottom of the coffin using Ranger Pitch Black Paint Dabber. Everything else will be covered with paper.  I covered all sides of the coffin top and bottom with paper.  To do the bottom outside, I simply glued the paper to the bottom of the coffin and then cut out about ¼” larger than the coffin.  I cut a slice from edge to the coffin in the corners so it would fold up smoothly.  For the inside bottom, I drew a pattern by running a pencil around the edges of the coffin.  I then cut out a piece just slightly larger, maybe an 1/8”.  Neither of these need to be exact as you will be covering edges.  I made some slits like on the outside bottom so it would fold easily.  Then I put some glue on it and stuffed it into the bottom of the coffin.  You need two strips of paper for each surface you need to cover that are about 1/8” to ¼” smaller than the surface.  Glue them together and then glue them on the outiside or inside, cutting off the extra.  Smooth carefully so you don’t have ridges or gaps in your final project.  For accents, I used two strips from the Apothecary Labels paper.  I sprayed it lightly with water, crumpled it up really good and then inked it with Vintage Photo and Black Soot Distress Ink and glued around the outside.  On the top, I used the same technique with a piece of the dictionary paper.  (I love this – dictionary with spooky definitions!)  I also stamped som Halloween designs with black ink.  I also inked the top of the coffin lid.   In the bottom of the candy dish, I used stickers from the Alpha Stickers, which includes some great options – words, letters (in two sizes), creatures and apothecary jars. animals and letters.  I then gave all surfaces a good coat of sealer.  You could probably avoid this, but when I am going to use something  I like to make it a little stronger and the sealer dose that.

I used Modge Podge for all the gluing and sealing on this project, but since then I’ve run out of Modge Podge and replaced it with Ranger’s new Glue n’seal.  It doesn’t smell better and is easy to work with.  If you’re buying something for this project, pick up Glue n’seal at ScrapbooksPlus.  As a hint, get the small bottle as it has a brush built in so you don’t have to keep washing brushes.  When you run out you can buy a 4 oz bottle and refill. 

Using 405 glue, I glued the lid of the coffin to the coffin.  I used quite a bit of glue and let it dry for quite awhile.

Inside View of Candy Dish
Making the skull was easy.  I couldn’t find a paper mache skull the size I wanted, but found the perfect size that was covered with glitter.  I soaked it and rubbed glitter off; then I discovered that it was a Styrofoam skull.  I took metal tape and cut it in small strips and pieces and covered the skull.  I smoothed it out, but as you can see it was very bumpy.  I used pens and assorted other items to make imprints on the skull.  Then I covered it with alcohol inks (black, brown & terra cotta) and wiped off much of it.  I colored some really large staples with orange alcohol ink and put them on the skull.   Using 405 glue, I glued the skull to the candy dish.

For the sign, I covered a small tube with paper. (If you don’t have a tube of the right size, you can make one with a piece of cardstock. I’d use something that is a little heavier and glue two pieces together.)   I covered it and one of the tags from the set with sealer.  I added an eyelet to the tag and put a little shiny ribbon through it.  I put memory thread through the back of the ribbon and stuck one end  through a small hole in the tube and wrapped it together at the bottom and glued the tube to the coffin.  I thought I could make it look like a lamp post by adding a Tim Holtz Curio Knob on top. 

I love the printer’s blocks and they are really easy to make.  I used three chipboard squares/rectangles that my chipboard letters will fit on.  I painted the squares black on all sides and the letters on the top and sides.  After gluing the letters to the blocks, I sanded off the paint on top and edges. (If you have a sander’s block, it is good to use for this project.)  Ink again with another color; I used Vintage Photo.  Glue to the coffin.

Add candy and you’re done!!!

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