Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stretching Those Supplies

When I talk about Stretching Your Supplies, I actually mean it two ways:

First, the obvious: making those supplies go as far as possible. Here I punched circles out of the various patterned papers and lined them up. This is a good solution to not enough paper left and a good way to use many patterns all at once. All of the white balances it out while the simple black line gives it a ground so that it doesn't float away.

Second, and a little less obvious: drawing your eye across the page visually. This is done with the line of circles starting at the top and continuing across the bottom, with the title split up and gradually guiding you across the page, and finally with the green photo mats. All of the mats touch each other giving you a pathway from left to right. Cutting a custom piece that went under each photo would be challenging... but overlapping and touching each individual photo mat works perfectly.

thanks for stopping by!

PS. I am guessing at the title per my high school German... so I hope it's right! :)

1 comment:

susie said...

This is one of my favorite layouts that you have ever done...a classic. I am definitely going to lift this one - I have LOTS of scraps!