Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Rule of 3's - It's Not Just For Triangles Anymore!

One of the basic design principles we scrapbookers, among others, use is the rule of 3's. Usually we use this to create a visual triangle of embellishments around our focal point. You can also use the rule of 3's when selecting the color of your items for your layout. Many times I have a layout that looks okay, but is missing something. Usually I notice this when I have just one black or white colored item on the page. It looks lonely and somehow the entire piece is unfinished-looking to me. The solution is simple: always be sure that your colors are in 3 places on your layout. If you have a white photo mat, add some white brads and patterned paper with white in it to make the layout feel cohesive.

In this layout I really wanted to use these yellow Thickers to highlight the yellow dress in the photo. I split the title in half, giving me 2 areas of yellow. Then I added the yellow journaling box (a Marvy punch) to get my third yellow item. I liked the burgundy ribbon, but by itself it stood out too much.... so I added the thin burgundy mat and the burdundy felt flower. Now it looks complete! I did the same with the orange... it's in the patterned paper, the cardstock matting, and the brad center of my flower.
The next time your layout feels off, check and see if you're following the rule of three!

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susie said...

It is absolutely fascinating to me that it works so well - because there was no yellow to begin with. (love the way you slanted it across the page, too!)